"When my original doula canceled on me one month before my due date, Sandi was a last minute replacement. To say that she saved the day would be an understatement... She proved to be a warm, considerate, knowledgeable, helpful partner in our birth process... She was a calm but firm influence throughout what was a difficult but successful natural childbirth. She provided invaluable postpartum and breastfeeding support and helped teach us to sooth, bathe, swaddle and change our little one. We nicknamed her the Baby Whisperer. I plan to call her for baby #2."         ~ Robbi

" As soon as I met Sandi, I immediately felt calmed. She was warm and knowledgeable, and spent a long time at both prenatal visits answering all my questions and teaching me and my husband pain management techniques... The final stage of my delivery proved to be longer and more complicated than anticipated, and Sandi was truly a wonderful support, tirelessly encouraging and positive. I could not have had the natural birth I wanted without her. Afterwards, she came to the hospital bearing food and incredibly thoughtful and personal gifts for me and my baby, and gave me some very useful breastfeeding tips while spending time to help me process the intense but intensely rewarding experience."         ~

"During our pre-birth meetings, we explored birth art, pain-coping techniques, different laboring positions, and my hopes and fears about the upcoming birth. I was calmed and soothed just by talking to Sandi and being around her positive energy. During my labor, she provided constant physical and emotional support... When the labor became intense, she was strong enough to physically support my weight through the contractions. This was invaluable! Sandi's knowledge of a woman's emotions during the different stages of labor was an incredible support. When my confidence wavered in the wake of a strong contraction, she reminded me to stay focused and to let it happen... She also provided wonderful post-partum support. She is a lactation expert and answered my questions about breast-feeding... She made the experience more positive than I ever imagined it could be."         ~ Jessica

"As a first time Mom I was very scared and nervous about my birth. I met with Sandi when I was in my 3rd trimester and she immediately put me at ease. My labor began a week early. My frantic calls to her were answered with a calm and reassuring voice. With her coaching I was able to labor at home all night. When we got to the hospital the next morning I was already over 6 cm dilated! Sandi stayed very calm and sweet and really won over the hospital staff. With her help,  I was able to birth in near privacy with the lights dimmed, intermittent monitoring, faux candles, watermelon… and she was an amazing support for my husband too! When the active labor began Sandi quickly offered help when needed, coaching my husband, switching positions, cooling my head with a cloth or rubbing my back. After only 7 hrs my son was born! Sandi later came to our home to check in our new family. She was a comforting face and came bearing gifts As an experienced and trained lactation counselor she helped so much with breastfeeding! Sandi is a very special person. She is so generous with herself and offers unparallel support. She is an avid student as well: constantly training, exploring new research, attending doula conferences, birthing seminars etc. Sandi is an amazing doula!"
        ~ Rebecca