Comprehensive childbirth and parenting preparation:

  • Private childbirth education in your home tailored to your needs and your schedule
  • Prenatal breastfeeding education and discussion
  • Assistance with gear and registry - get what you actually need and will use!
  • Learn newborn care and feel ready to bring baby home

Childbirth preparation is offered at a per-session fee.

Labor doula services include:

  • 2 prenatal visits where we will discuss your desires and needs for your birth
  • Being on call for you for two weeks prior and two weeks past your due date
  • Continuous presence and support throughout your entire labor and birth, including a few hours after to help facilitate breast feeding if you wish
  • Two postpartum check-in visits

I provide support and advocacy throughout your entire labor and birth. In our prenatal meetings, we will discuss in depth your desires and hopes for your birth experience, working to help partners become more comfortable with the process.

I can help provide information to assist in your decisions, and to explore your choices to help you feel empowered to birth your way. I am experienced with both natural and medicated births and am happy to support your wishes.

Labor Doula services are provided on a sliding scale.

As a postpartum doula, I can help nurture your new family in many ways:

  • As a certified lactation counselor, I can help get breastfeeding started well, and help prevent and solve problems. I also work with Biological Nurturing also known as "laid back breastfeeding" techniques which have worked well for many women for whom more traditional approaches are difficult.
  • Helping with infant care basics as well as soothing techniques.
  • Supporting  you, your partner  and older children through the changes a new baby brings
  • Being a safe sounding board for parenting ideas without judgment
  • Offering evidence-based suggestions, referrals and resources if desired
  • Helping with baby laundry, grocery shopping, light cooking, and care for older children

I am also available for overnight help so you can catch up on your much needed sleep!

Postpartum doula services are available 24/7 throughout the first 12 weeks
of your baby’s life and beyond at an hourly rate.